Friday, 26 February 2010

Do not be afraid of colour!

One thing I have found is that if you say wedding colours to a new bride, they immediately go for Pink, Red and Gold. Though all colours work well and create a beautiful wedding, I do find that us Brits are a little hesitant to delve into the world of colour! With summer only a few months away I think it's time to get inspired and one of the sites I often use to find great colour combinations is Style me pretty. Take a look at some great colour options from their site...

There's pink and there's pink! Instead of just pretty soft pink, why not add a vibrant pink with a cool soft grey. The silver or grey is far subtler than black and with the pink shoes and ties this creates lovely summer and fun theme to the wedding.

What a beautiful combination of yellow and pink. A lovely relaxed and casual country wedding with modern and vintage twists. I'll talk about my love for coloured shoes at a later date but I think the use of coloured shoes for the bride and having lemons as placeholders creates a little something that stands out from other weddings. Who would of thought canary yellow and pink could look so good!

Don't be nervous about using more than one colour. This gorgeous midnight blue works with lime green, purple, tan and mid blue. I do believe that we feel that everything should match and as we run around with colour swatches and getting in a pickle when we cannot find the exact colour, there really is a whole palette still to work with.

Above photography by: David Murray Weddings, Ray Soemarsono of APERTURA & Kristin Vining