Saturday, 19 May 2012

Supplier Profile: Dawn Taylor Beauty

PMP are always trying to help our brides in the best way we can. Whether it's finding the right venue or supplier, to giving them advice to ensure that they get the most out of their day.

We recently met with lovely Dawn Taylor who is an Essex based make-up artist, and hairdresser and asked her to give us some tips on how to ensure your skin looks the best it can for your event. Here are her top tips and words of wisdom:

You’ve spent months, and in some cases, years preparing, to ensure that your “big day” runs to plan and that all the dreams you have had about how you will look as you come down the aisle with all eyes on you is finally here!  You’ve poured over magazines, visited dress shops and googled the life out of your laptop looking for the perfect venue, the most stunning dress, the most amazing cake, the photographer, etc, etc , so why would you not finish all of this off by preparing your skin, making sure your eyebrows look groomed and your nails perfect in the lead up to your wedding day and then topping off with stunning make-up and hair that will look fabulous for your photographs and will remain completely flawless all day long.
I am obviously biased as this is what I do for a living (and love it, by the way), but if your budget allows and you can run to having your make-up and hair done professionally then it is most definitely worth the money.  Even if you feel confident enough to do your own make up, it is the tips and tricks that professionals use to ensure your make-up stays put all day long.  It is also a bit of “you” time on the morning of your wedding when you can sit and relax and just be pampered.

Its always great to get a recommendation, however this is not always possible, so once you have found a wedding professional that you like then it is always best to book as soon as possible to ensure that they will be available for your wedding date.  Once this has been done you can then have a consultation/trial to see if you like what they do.  Most artists work on a booking fee to reserve your wedding date and then this is usually deducted at trial. Once you have a trial and are happy then again most will take a 50% deposit to secure the date with the remainder payable closer to your date, or in some cases on the wedding day itself.  

Dawn Taylor Beauty uses conventional make up as well as Airbase airbrushing, both are fabulous (again, I am biased) but these have been tried and tested by me and I know that they will do the best job and testimonials from past brides speak volumes.
Obviously, you want to look great for your day, but preparation is also key so following are a few pointers to help make you look the best that you can whether or not you are using a professional: -
If you are going for a fake tan, then experiment beforehand (use it for a party or a hen do to get your monies worth).
Have your brows professionally shaped and tinted, again experiment beforehand, don’t just turn up at a salon the day before and hope for the best.  If you are going for lash extensions (which are amazing!!!) then again make sure you go at least 3 weeks prior to make sure you don’t have a reaction or you simply don’t like them and then have a top up ready for your day and honeymoon.

Get your skin in tip top condition, remember the better your skin, the better your make up will look.  Drink plenty of water or foods containing water to make sure you look as fresh and hydrated as possible. Don’t change your skincare routine a week or two before your big day, and don’t use products on the morning of your wedding that you haven’t  previously trialled beforehand, you do not want to risk allergy/discomfort on your wedding day.  Do not squeeze any spots, a good make- up artist will be able to completely cover these as well as any blemishes or pigmentation, you could make it look worse.
If you really have blown the budget and are going to do your own make up then I will let you a few tips: -
DO experiment with new make-up brands before you use them on your wedding day.
DO invest in a primer, this will help with any enlarged pores or fine lines and will help your make up stay put.
DO line your whole lip with a lip pencil in your chosen colour, this will give your lipstick a bit more staying power. 
DO go to a few make up counters and have a make- over, this will give you an idea of the latest trends and colours.
DO wash your hair the night before the wedding if you are putting it up as “day old hair” will be easier to put up than freshly washed, fly-away hair.
DO contact Dawn if you are thinking about employing the services of a professional on your wedding day or if you would just like some advice or help. 
DO HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!!!......................Dawn x