Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sweet Tooth?

Plan Me Perfect are always trying to think of new and creative ideas for our events. As we all know there seems to be a sudden cupcake boom! I think we can all say we know one or two friends that now make delicious cupcakes or the just as scrummy giant cupcakes. So this got me thinking, what else is out there, what will be the next cupcake boom?

Sticking to the cake/dessert theme, we have noticed that cake pops have become quite popular. Cake pops are great for sweet tables, baby showers, and parties and even to be served as an evening treat. All can be made in a range of colours and flavours. Some images below are from my good friends at Pinkface and Dottie about cupcakes.

We were recently talking about some new ideas and discovered a great way to keep the children (and adults) entertained is by introducing marshmallow pops. One idea would be to perhaps have a staff member on hand to make the pops in front of your guests enabling each guest to pick their own toppings, or to just simply serve them as a fun evening treat. Certainly something different and who can resist a sugary treat.

Another idea is to have a dessert that is also a favour? So instead of cutting the cake and serving it to your guests, they are waiting on the table, beautifully wrapped and waiting for your guests. These also work well as a keepsake to remember your day. Plan Me Perfect will personalise your jars to your wedding colours and design a sticker that sits on top with your new married name, date and venue. A perfect decoration, favour and treat.

Some great ideas that Plan Me Perfect hope to introduce soon. Also, keep your eyes peeled for some sweet treats that Dottie about cupcakes is currently working on for one of our September weddings.

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